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"Emily is a rare gem. I have been a witness to her tireless dedication to the community. She has persisted, year after year, at all levels of the school system, to get involved and safeguard the interests of children, families, and teachers. I served with Emily on the WPJH Community Council. She is smart, level-headed, and discerning. She remains grounded amid challenges. I can't think of a better representative for our school board."

--Marie Dougherty, Clinton City Council


"Emily Price has given so much service within schools & our community.  She’ll lead with integrity & be a sound voice of reason while advocating for nothing but the best for teachers, students, and parents within Davis County School system.  Emily sincerely cares about our community & the future of our children.  She’ll represent our District with wisdom & integrity.  Davis County Schools need her on the Board."

--LaDawn Johnson, Clinton City resident


"Emily is committed to listening, learning about issues and is not afraid of adding her voice to help us as parents, students & teachers! She’s been actively involved in community councils that have directly benefited my family. Our vote is for Emily!"

--Melissa DeLong, Clinton City resident


"I wholeheartedly endorse Emily! She is wise and noble! She speaks with truth and humility. She knows when to speak up, and it’s always with issues that matter."

--Kara Elmore, Clinton City resident


"I have known Emily Price for over ten years and known her to care about the community and the education system at every level. She is educated and a team player. I know she will listen to concerns of parents and advocate for the best interest of our children. She will make it her priority to make the education system and the communication we need as parents a top priority."

--Angie Jensen, West Point City resident


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