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My name is Emily Price. I grew up in Davis County, and am a product of our public schools.  I graduated from Viewmont High School. I have lived in Clinton for 15 years.  I have four children ages 21, 19, 16, and 13, all educated entirely in Davis School District.

I am running for Davis School Board because I care! I was taught by my father to care about my community and to be involved and informed. He taught me to care about local government because decisions and policy made at the local level directly impact my life. 

I care about students, their education, and their overall well-being. Students will be my number one priority. Every student deserves a quality education and should be taught in a caring and safe environment. I will be an advocate for every student. 

I care about parents and believe they should have a voice in their child's education. As a parent I have always felt it was my responsibility to be involved and informed in the education of my children. Through my involvement I have developed long-term relationships with other parents, community members, teachers, and administrators. Supporting students in the classroom has furthered my interest in the expectations, goals, and needs of every student. As a parent volunteer and Community Council member I have felt a responsibility to help each student learn and develop the academic, problem solving, and leadership skills they need. As a board member, I will strive to support policies and goals that will enhance student achievement. I will continue to engage with parents and educators to do what is best for each student. I will be a representative for every constituent in district 7. I will listen and be a voice for my community. 

I care about educators and believe they should be treated with respect, civility, and professionalism. I will support our teachers and administrators as they work to educate and improve the educational achievement of students in Davis School District. I just completed a long term substitute teaching assignment at Syracuse High School teaching Health Education.  The teacher I subbed for retired a few days before school started. I was responsible for lesson planning, teaching, classroom management, and grades for over 200 students. I have gained an even greater respect and appreciation for teachers. I value their training, expertise, experience, professionalism and passion for their chosen career. 

I have no political platform or agenda other than representing the families in district 7. I have had a very good experience in the educational process of my children in Davis School District. I know things are not perfect and that there is always room for improvement. I realize adjustments and changes may need to be made. 

My role as a board member will be to take the time necessary to familiarize myself with the issues facing the school board and to make appropriate decisions that reflect the direction Davis School District should head in the future. I will strive to serve and lead in collaboration, cooperation, and respect. I will work toward what is best for the students in Davis School District. 

Because I care, I feel strongly that I can contribute to the overall success of the students of Davis School District through my efforts as a board member. It would be an honor to serve in the capacity of board member for Davis School District. 


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